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Core Framework Features

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It takes many parts to make a great website. From an easy-to-use content management system and a place to store your news releases and events to interactive ways to showcase your products and a robust e-commerce platform to sell those products, your website has the potential to not only look great but function great as well. Our core framework features can get there.

With many years in the Web development and digital marketing industry, we've perfected a key set of features that we can seamlessly integrate into your website, giving you enhanced functionality that you never thought possible. Our core framework features enable your business to fully leverage its website's potential, as well as reach your users in a more enhanced way.

But just as technology never stops improving, so will our core framework features. We stay ahead of the industry by continue to research and improve upon our core framework features so when you work with us, you can be sure you're getting the the most up-to-date technology possible.


Related Services:


  • Content Display and Management
  • Interactive Information Display
  • Product Display and E-commerce
  • Membership Interaction
  • Marketing Tools
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Welcome to Gumboh Web support page

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Gumboh Web offers a fully comprehensive package of web site development and support available. Our website developer and programmers support team have the highest level of training and skill in the industry. We maximize their talent by taking your ideas to create and optimize your own online presence. Gumboh Web offers support in a way that is convenient for you. Gumboh Web will give you quick and professional support and answer all your questions. You will find information on our products and services at this page.

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Web Application Development

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Web and Mobile Applications

A well-designed website can fall short if it doesn't have the right functionality behind it. Robust Web applications can add that extra pop your website needs to stand out among its competition. Our team can custom Web applications to your exact specifications that have added scalability, more portability, and enhanced accessibility. Here are just some of our Web application development services:

• applications
• Silverlight Development
• Action script development
• Rich Internet Application
• Widget/Gadget Development
• Internet and Extranets
• E-commerce Development

Mobile and Smartphone Development

Websites are no longer limited to computers. The Internet is on the go and so is your audience, and if your website isn't mobile friendly, they won't be finding you. Mobile websites shouldn't be an exact replica of the full version. Mobile users demand different features, simplicity and ease of us, and our mobile and smartphone development can create a version of your website specifically for them.

• Windows Phone Apps
• Android App Development
• IOS App Development

Our Core Framework Features

You don't just need a great design with your website. You need a way to easily manage your content, showcase your products, and connect with your audience. With many years in the Web design and development industry, we've seen what works and what doesn't. Coupled with our keen eye on emerging technologies, we've developed our core framework, a key set of features that give your website functionality you never thought possible.

• Content Display and Management
• Interactive Information Display
• Product Display and E-commerce
• Membership Interaction

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Streaming Video

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Gumboh Web specialize in video hosting, video encoding and video streaming. We provide excellent streaming media and video technical services.

Benefits of Streaming Video:

  • Allows asynchronous viewing of events
  • Delivers stored content or live events to any location with an Internet connection
  • Broadcast / Web cast live events to hundreds of locations simultaneously
  • Provides an alternate communications method to real-time interactive applications
  • Ability to demonstrate products
  • Video Conferencing
  • Improve visibility of your web-based offerings
  • Improve your return on investment

Gumboh Web Services:

  • Live Streaming Video (Webcasting)
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • Encoding Service
  • Customized media player
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Social Media Marketing

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“Online companies that only have a website to promote their business are the equivalent to having a 4 cylinder car and running it on 1 cylinder”.

Gumboh Web will make you an active believer because our services are simple and effective. We infuse social media marketing into an established online marketing plan and the end result is the establishment of your brand in the top social media websites that currently represents over 40% 50% 60% 75% (it keeps growing) of all Internet traffic and as a byproduct, gets businesses ranked in the top of search engines. It is this unique approach that we share with you because together we leverage social media marketing to build marketing channels in the most powerful websites for your business.

Your customers may be on your website but are your prospects there? If you could get new customers without having them come to your website, would you care? Better yet, how about building brand recognition and trust off your website so your conversion rate on your website goes way up?

How Does Social Media Marketing Increase Conversion Rates Off-site?

We accelerate online marketing by building a content marketing engine (your very own associated press) which delivers your marketing message in video, presentations, articles, press releases, photos, podcasts, etc. to thousands of websites that your prospects are on. Over time, prospects become familiar with your brand which builds trust and increases what you care about the most…generation of qualified online leads.

You have tried many online marketing solutions for your business and it is time to empower your business with social media marketing and a branding strategy that brings intense results.

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SEO Optimization

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At Gumboh Web, we provide what every online venture dreams of – a professional and expert service that will help them build from scratch and stay till they reach the top spot on search engine rankings. From detailed and customized web design to search engine optimization and helping use social media (or Web 2.0 as some prefer calling it) to enhance brand image - we do it all. And do it for a completely affordable rate at that!

So what are the exclusive advantages of partnering with Gumboh Web? Here is a quick checklist:

  • Affordable, with an enviable track record of client satisfaction rates
  • A team of expert and experienced designers and online marketers
  • Effective search engine optimization
  • State-of-the-art online marketing methods – Social media marketing & Web 2.0 optimization
  • Quality after-sales support

Here is a preview of the services we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Our expert SEO services help you gain visibility online. We boost your search engine rankings to the top of the result pages, albeit through completely White Hat techniques! We make sure that all of the campaign is manually done, eliminating potential errors and possible sandboxing by the search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing – We realize that social media can have a considerable impact on your brand building campaign, especially if you have a huge potential consumer base on the web itself. We use rich content, social networking, video-sharing and similar tools and portals to help complement our SEO campaign.
  • Reputation Management or Brand Monitoring Service – Push off bad reviews off the 1st page of Google! If we do not get results within stipulated period, we continue to work without any charge until we see positive results.
  • SEO Friendly Web Design & Development – We have expert designers and web developers who understand the importance of a SEO friendly structure, which helps us, build websites that are not only compatible with the SEO campaigns later on, but also are an asset to online marketers of their own accord.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising - Our efficient Pay Per Click management makes the PPC campaign extremely cost effective, giving you excellent value for the money you invest in our services. So, next time you need to direct tons of genuine traffic to your website, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.
  • SEO Link Building Services - Link building is another service, which we excel in. We provide your website with one way links to make sure that you reap the benefit of the popularity of other high traffic websites.
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Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

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Why Us?

Gumboh Web Pay Per Click Management Services focus on only one aspect - maximum ROI for your money. The idea is to get maximum conversions within your stipulated advertising budget.

Gumoh Web offers two different services to suite your requirements - PPC Consulting and PPC Management Services.

PPC Consulting is suited for clients who want to manage their own PPC campaign or already have a Pay Per Click campaign in place but need a professional opinion to make it more effective. This would include keyword and bids analysis, analysis of landing pages, analysis of titles, meta tags, keyword conversion analysis, etc. and a full report with suggestions and steps to be taken would be provided in 10 days. Our team would be available to make you understand the report and for any questions you would have or discuss the next steps in detail for you to handle it most effectively. Contact Us to get a free custom quote for your PPC Campaign.

PPC Management is suited for clients who are looking for professionally managed PPC Campaigns for superior visibility and maximum ROI. This would involve keyword and bids analysis and selection, creation of landing pages, optimization of titles, meta tags, PPC account setup, daily review of bids, weekly review of keyword conversions to channelize efforts, new keywords etc. for maximum ROI, detailed reporting. As always, we would be there to patiently listen and understand your requirements and work with you closely to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Contact Us to get a free analysis and a custom quote.
Why you need Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign?

Pay per Click can be more or less considered as guaranteed top listing (especially with Yahoo!, for Google, they are on top right and bottom) where you would pay when a prospect would click on your listing/advertisement (rates start from $0.10 and can go upto $10 or more based on keyword competition).
Important Note:

Please note that our SEO services guarantee would not apply to our Pay per Click PPC Management Services since we would not have any control on natural search engine ranking efforts and hence would not be in a position to guarantee any natural ranking results.

We would be happy to talk to you for any queries you might have. Contact Us and we would gladly call you back.

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Monthly Special

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Mobile & Smartphone Development

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The Internet is on the go. Is your site ready to travel?

With new mobile devices like smartphones, iPods, PDAs and PSPs emerging every day, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your site is available to this growing demographic.

Gumboh Web can retrofit your existing website’s code in order to optimize it for a mobile-browsing experience. Or we can create an entire site targeted solely toward mobile users. Either way, we can help. We’ve done our homework to learn the ins and outs of mobile development’s complex ecosystem. With standards still emerging, we will wade through the noise to develop a plan for your site that includes multiple mobile browser compatibility, optimized graphics, mobile alternatives for incompatible functionality and even animations where available.


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Logo Design

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Our business branding and identity service begins with your logo design:

  • On business cards
  • Company stationary
  • Advertising material
  • On your website
  • On brochures
  • On newsletters
  • On MS PowerPoint or any other representations of your company

Logo Design Service Benefits:

  • Logo and Branding establishes your identity
  • A professional logo reinforces your brand and customer loyalty
  • A great Logo Design increases professional credibility
  • A lasting impression on your prospects
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