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Best Designs Renovations realizes your home will be one of most major investment that you'll make in your life time. We also realize the rising cost of maintaining your home has skyrocketed in the last few years. Best Designs Renovations has over 13 years of professional, reliable services that provide our clients with cost-effective, expert home improvement services. We service both commercial and residential clients with a professionally, experienced staff.







Jeans Donation started as a vision from the creative mind of a young Philadelphian, John Jones, in 2005. The ideal of taking old jeans that we no longer want and donating them to those who are less fortunate is nothing shy of divine intervention. John realized how fortunate we are in this country, and like many others have an over-abundance of clothes, which we many times discard as waste material. He also realized that many of us have old jeans stuffed away somewhere collecting dust and taking up unnecessary space; jeans that we no longer wear or want.







Professional Medical Home Healthcare realizes the importance of being an all-inclusive provider for the patients and providers we serve. Our establishment facilitates timely delivery of DME and medication, complete with all pertinent information on the DME and medication provided..








Easy publishing, for everyone

The Royale Press is an online publication that focuses primarily on young and debuting authors. We target all genres of literature that has a demographic of PG-17 and higher. A subsidiary brand, HoRo’BoL, was established to cater to a younger demographic and lighter literary materials. HoRo’BoL does not only produce reading material for children, but also present, HoRo’BoL Kids which publishes literature written by child authors or inspired by children..






We're your printing, copying company. We've been in the business for 20 years providing professional, top-quality service to an array of client. From Notary service, auto tag registration. fingerprint scanning, copying and faxing, to web and graphic design. We accommodate our clients needs. Our company culture is that we are here to serve you, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. For this reason, we offer a 100% guarantee. If your print job is not right, we will make it right at no cost to you.







Go green kids U.S.A. was started by John Jones, Director of Jeans Donation. Go green kids was created to educate kids and teens about the benefits of donating unused jeans to those who are in need. Go green kids objective is to show kids how to work in their community as well as help those in need. We also teach about the impact jean manufacturing has on our environment and landfills. By recycling those jeans that are unusable, we donate to be used as home insulation.






Very Impressive!!! I had a very outdated site up for nearly 10 years without any changes or updates. I wasn't even sure who was hosting it. The Gumbohweb Rep was able to untangle all of my issues and worked with me in the development of a completely new site. I was most pleased with how he w...

Will P
Jul 24, 2014

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